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I have been studying Fine Arts since 1975. I began my journey at Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology. From there I studied at the Banff School of Arts and finished my college degree at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary. I continued to work on my Bachelor of Fine Arts, With Distinction, at Concordia University, Montreal. I achieved my art specialist at McGill University, Montreal.

While studying in Montreal, I began my teaching career in 1979. After completion  of  Arts Specialist at McGill, I moved back to Ontario. Here, in Ontario, I began teaching as a visual arts teacher primarily for the Victoria County Board of Education which then became the Trillium Lakeland District School Board.

My teaching career came to a sudden halt in 2012 after a severe brain injury. Two years of recovery and I was able to enter into art therapy to regain much of my abilities.


The Kawartha Potters Guild in Peterborough took me in under their wing and helped me to remember almost everything I had forgotten how to do. It's been a long journey and a lot of fun relearning. 

I have learned to laugh at myself and to adopt the motto: "It's only mud!

Part of my creative processes involved experimenting and being loose with my colours, textures, and forms. So, when you view my work you will never see the same thing twice although it could be very similar. I like to develop my own style. My colour palette is always changing and I believe that's because of the mood I'm in or what the weather is doing outside. You never know!

- Deb Craven

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